Kid Education for Busy Moms

kid_educationI like information, I really do. I was hooked on it ever since kindergarten when we were taken to the library and taught all about the reference section. You will notice in my writing that sometime I go into teacher mode.

Today you are experiencing the Mom side of Mom Internet. I love to laugh, got kiddos (8 so far) coming to show me or tell me something new. Every once in a while my husband and I get away for a few hours or just go have a cup of coffee. There is never a dull moment in our home and we are doing what we love most and that is serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Now back to the information stuff. I discovered this week that I have raised a Google nut, my term of endearment when my children finally get the desire to learn for themselves. My personal motto is teaching is learning in action and this week my son put action to learn something for himself.

Today’s technology affords information on the tip of your fingertips, unlike my old school days where you had to go to the library reference section to get answers, some of which were years out of date. Now you information almost seems to come to you.

Have you ever wondered about something and your instinctive thought was, “Let’s Google it!”? Yep, it happens a lot in our family. This is a great opportunity to teach your children how to research on Google.

When you do a Google search think of asking a question. Don’t limit yourself to one question play around with the words it may suprise you by a little tweak of a word the kind of results you will get. I have found gems of information by tweaking my question a little.

This is also a great way to get your children to think. If you are creative you could also come up with an online scavenger hunt. You kids will then find learning fun. You know when you take the time to teach them how to use google you will also be gaining some great researchers down the road. In fact this could be a nice way for your children to earn an allowance by having them to the research on topics you want to write about.

I sure hope you  enjoyed the mom side of Mom Internet. Do you have any fun tips to offer?

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Automation for Busy Moms On Vacation

While you are on vacation you may still want to keep in touch with your client base and subscribers. There is a way to do so without having to worry about being on the computer when you are suppose to be spending time with loved ones.

With that said you want to communicate with both your clients and subscriber that you will be onnicaragua vacation. There is nothing like a client being upset that they cannot contact you. In addition if you have a business that requires constant attention such as offering services where the client may need to contact you in the case of an emergency then you will want to hire out, outsource someone who will be able to take care of your customers while you are away.

This way you are not overrun with all kinds of complaints when you get back from vacation only to face great amounts of stress. Just think about your customer’s needs and count that in the price of your being able to go on vacation.

Something that works nicely if you use it wisely, especially when keeping in touch with your subscribers is to use auto posting tools. You can even use them when you are not on vacation. Tools such as using the scheduler on your wordpress or other blog platform. By creating your content in advance and making it available to your subscribers while you are on vacation can be an excellent way to keep in touch.

In fact that is what I did with this post. I prepared it this past Tuesday before heading into the jungle for a day of horseback riding with our children. We will be spending time with with friends at their “finca” with little to no cellular connection, making this an all out get away for the nine of us (we were 10 but my son is now back in the states).

Another nice thing about scheduling your post is that when you are in a writing and creating mood it is amazing how much content you can crank out. Don’t hold yourself back, reschedule and get cracking. I did the same for my ministry site called Scripture Look. There were a few days I just could not slow down on content ideas so I took advantage of the creativity and now I have post atleast two post a week scheduled out till the 22nd.

With creating blog post you should be using an automation tool that will automatically post them to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media without you having to do so manually. This allows your reader base who spends more time in social media to still stay in touch with you.

As a busy mom you can hire help while you are on vacation, create content ahead of time, create lots of content when you are in the creation mood and schedule it. These automation tips can prove to help you out whether or not you are on vacation. Just one word of advice use these tools wisely and do not loose touch with the people you are looking at making a difference right from the comfort of your own home :)

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A Work Day in the Life of Busy Mom Internet

I have decided to work on my business Monday to Friday with an occasionally crunching out a project for a great client of mine. Other than that here is what my day may consist of.

Wake up – early could be 3, 4 or 5 am I am a morning person :)

Get Dressed – I prefer to start off my day looking my best, seems to set the mood for me.

Personal time – Bible reading, prayer and meditation, a great time for me to read personal spiritual development books when everybody is sound asleep.

6 am – Wake up kiddos

6:30 am – Family Devotions

7 am – Morning Chores – everyone has their own responsibilities, one starts breakfast, others take up laundry

7:45 am – Eat Breakfast

8:30 am – School Time – Everyone has school at their own pace. I teach little ones.

11 am – Start my internet work usually something that will take me one hour and then complete the rest after lunch / Actually this is about to change to reading books that will help develop my business.

12 pm – Lunch

1 – 5 pm – various freelance work and working on my own business sites, writing blogs, emails, contacting folks related to business and training. The time it takes to finish may vary but I prefer to be done as soon as possible (I am also working in this area too…I want to really be concious of the time I spend and I plan to use a timer more seriously).

5 pm New thing I plan to impliment…Gonna step away from the computer…go outside and enjoy the Nicaraguan tropical weather visiting with my neighbors as we keep and eye on our kids playing.

6:30 pm – supper

6 pm – personal emails and FB.

7 pm Brain dump time as a marketing friend of mine says – this is where I set biz accomplishments for the next day on my calendar

8 pm – My brain is usually useless by this hour LOL

In between I write grocery list, Mondays and Saturdays I go shopping, develop menus and other Mom Internetschedules to help our home run smoothly. I also help my husband in our missionary ministry any way I can. I am pretty much our home manager, my husband’s helpmeet and public relations and I am learning to be a good juggler and I thank God I enjoy being an administrator otherwise I am not sure how I could keep it all straight.

You may be wondering where I have time to cook, clean and take care of other chores. Well, that is where God has blessed me with a houseful of helpful kiddos and living in Nicaragua affords us the opportunity to hire a maid. A luxury that is not as easily available in other countries.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek at a day in the life of Mom Internet. Till next time :)


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