Busy Mom’s Passion to Apply in Your Life

How many busy moms have a passion that goes unnoticed even in your own life? Do you know what you desire to accomplish, especially concerning your online business endeavors? Who are you? Are you hiding behind a website?Moms Passion

Although you can choose to hide behind a website it is next to impossible to do in this social market. People want to know who you are and who you are is what will attract other people that will share your passion. In the following I want to share my own passion with you. In essence why I do what I do and what my priorities are for doing them.

My Personal Thoughts

I have been thinking much about who I am in respects to the online world. In all reality I am no difference than who I am already a very passionate individual with a message. The message I desire to communicate is encouraging others to be learners. I do that predominately through my writings and recently teachings on videos.

Yes, I would certainly like to make money but for me I would say that is not my driving force. But with that said, even if I do not desire to make money I still desire to impact lives. These lives will certainly have to put some trust in me and that is why I believe the principles of marketing are essential.

A Challenge to Be Yourself

Busy moms passion can be swamped with endless ideas but I have found that in order to truly become the success I desire I cannot hold back who I really am. Granted in doing so I know that I will lose certain people that do not agree with my desired endeavors.

And you know that is alright. When you understand what I have discovered you will learn to accept the fact that you cannot be everything to everyone. This is something that can overwhelm you especially as a busy mom. The wonderful reality is once you have accepted who you are and are ready to go forward with your passion, in time you will attract people you can resound with your passion.

Who is Ann Marie Moore (Mom Internet)

I would then identify myself in respect to the online world as such:

Follower of Jesus Christ (everything thing that I share ties in to Biblical teaching, I cannot hide it and I certainly cannot deny it – my lack of understanding this has, in a sense hindered the power of my message I desire to convey be it in business or for practical life tips)

Making a difference in the lives of others (here is where I failed to understand who my intended people group or “market” if you will is. I desire to target spiritually interested people who are passionate to use their abilities in such a way they propel the same desire of making a difference in the lives of others).

Writer/Speaker (this is where I get my message across using blogs, authoring books and becoming involved in actual mentoring and teaching. In a sense applying myself to make a difference in the lives of others). Currently I write for a non-listed site for our ministry that is for our supporters. I also write for ScriptureLook.com where I publicly share my meditations, musings and music that God blesses me with.

Marketer (technically a “seller” of my ideas be it for an exchange of name and email, money or an active following through my blogs, books or teachings).

It is pretty much in the order I presented it:

  1. Follower of Jesus Christ (Love God)
  2. Making a difference in the lives of others (Love my neighbor)
  3. Writer/Speaker (Get my message across)
  4. Marketer (conversions)

On Mom Internet my desire is to be an encourager to busy moms by offering you practical tips to everyday living, business and to encourage you to go forward with your passion.

Now It’s Your Turn

You can take the basic principles I outlined here. For example identify your priorities for why you do what you do. Let’s use the four I mentioned and allow me to generalize them for your personal application.

You are also welcome to use what I have shared with you especially if you have similar passions.

  1. What is your driving passion (Your big vision that encourages you)?
  2. Who is your intended market (People you plan to add value to)?
  3. How will you get your message across (Write/video/speak or a combination)?
  4. What is your marketing plan and what kind of conversion do you want (name and email, faithful following to spread your message, money, a mix or all the above)?

You are also welcome to use what I have shared with you especially if you have similar passions and tailor to you. Once you have identified what your priorities are, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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A Busy Mom’s Meditation

As a busy mom I still take the time to meditate on the goodness of God in my life. Even if it means waking up hours before my family does. But it is worth the effort as I am refreshed and desirous to welcome the day with purpose and meaning.

I enjoy writing and teaching. I especially enjoy combining my faith in what I do. There are many truths found in the scriptures that are so applicable to life and business. In addition, I believe when you look to someone greater than yourself you can rest assured they are in full control. Giving you the freedom to learn, to grow and to live.

On another one of my sites I like sharing my random thoughts about God concerning my meditations, musings and music that God blesses me with. The site is called Scripture Look. At the time I was meditating about a Godly Vision. I would like to share this meditation with you because it has some principle that you can take and apply in your own life. This meditation exposes the tremendous spring board and guide for why I do what I do in my desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

May you be encouraged as you get a peak at my heart’s desire.

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A Busy Mom’s Haven is Her Home

I truly believe that a beautiful place for a busy mom’s heart is to closely abide in her home. In your home you have the ability to make it what Busy Mom Homeyou desire it to be. Now I am not saying you never travel or visit inspiring places, but I hope you do so only serve as a motivation in your own life to make your home that much more of a haven.

I grew up with a Grandmother that was a landlady and she own several homes that she rented out. At times we would go look at homes as well. I imagine she was considering as in investment, I am not sure as I was rather young.

But what I do remember is how much I love looking at homes. Even today, if I could I would make it a fun hobby of mine to look at homes, their design and structure. As a busy mom on a budget that would be an extreme luxury not to mention we are currently living abroad.

So I found the next best thing. A fun social site that I enjoy. Not only do I get to see some neat designs I get some really cool ideas for room décor. Here are some of my favorites, since we lived in Florida some time back we had a small space out back that we turned into a screen room. It was nice.

Now years later while working for a client of mine, writing about sun rooms I had fun with all the ideas that are out there found in Houzz.com



I can really enjoy this. The best part is as a busy mom I can do it right from the comfort of my own home. Our kids enjoy movies and I am sure they would love some of these fun movie room ideas.




Although in our present location oversees I may not be looking into putting together such a room, it was fun going through the colors and designs and realizing what I enjoyed. Let’s see I really like browns and wood just looks nice. But some of those rooms with yellow contrasted with darker colors impressed. Learned something new about myself  :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to connect with me on Houzz so I can see some of your favorite designs. Have a great one.

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