A Busy Mom’s Haven is Her Home

I truly believe that a beautiful place for a busy mom’s heart is to closely abide in her home. In your home you have the ability to make it what Busy Mom Homeyou desire it to be. Now I am not saying you never travel or visit inspiring places, but I hope you do so only serve as a motivation in your own life to make your home that much more of a haven.

I grew up with a Grandmother that was a landlady and she own several homes that she rented out. At times we would go look at homes as well. I imagine she was considering as in investment, I am not sure as I was rather young.

But what I do remember is how much I love looking at homes. Even today, if I could I would make it a fun hobby of mine to look at homes, their design and structure. As a busy mom on a budget that would be an extreme luxury not to mention we are currently living abroad.

So I found the next best thing. A fun social site that I enjoy. Not only do I get to see some neat designs I get some really cool ideas for room décor. Here are some of my favorites, since we lived in Florida some time back we had a small space out back that we turned into a screen room. It was nice.

Now years later while working for a client of mine, writing about sun rooms I had fun with all the ideas that are out there found in Houzz.com



I can really enjoy this. The best part is as a busy mom I can do it right from the comfort of my own home. Our kids enjoy movies and I am sure they would love some of these fun movie room ideas.




Although in our present location oversees I may not be looking into putting together such a room, it was fun going through the colors and designs and realizing what I enjoyed. Let’s see I really like browns and wood just looks nice. But some of those rooms with yellow contrasted with darker colors impressed. Learned something new about myself  :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to connect with me on Houzz so I can see some of your favorite designs. Have a great one.

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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