Advantages of Partnering with Mentors

Nothing like teamwork!  This week I began my training  and was able to Claim Free Membership Software

Now, my training has not been without technical “I am not sure what I am doing” but I am so glad for the training as it is done in a membership site. Imagine that!

Allow me to introduce you to my mentors, Lance and Robert. They are motivated and I really appreciate how they think “outside the box” sort of speak.

Their style of teaching is down to earth, regular people, with normal lives that have learned to be successful. I am sure, they are not without their personal challenges.

If you read this weeks Guest Post you would have seen some excellent tips and Lance and Robert are living, breathing examples.

Here are three advantages for partnering with mentors that I have observed from these guys.

Two Head are Better than One
Proof is in the action. When you listen to these guys be it webinar, audio, or see the dynamics on the sites where the work together such as Membership Cube you get the idea they are working together to compliment their strengths.

It is humbling yet very important to be accountable to someone. Why not a fellow mentor that shares your direction in some areas?

No, you are not going to find the perfect match but you can become the perfect the team.

When you are truly accountable to some one then you put yourself in a position to really accomplish what you set out to do.

Many of you know, I love the Holy Bible and its teachings and the scripture puts it so well, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” ~Eccl 4:9

How appropriate and true! Lance and Robert will and are rewarded for their labor.

If you truly want to apply yourself, go find someone you can team up with and make a difference in the lives of others this week.

To your success,
Ann Marie for

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To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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