About Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

I am so blessed that you would like to get to know more about Ann Moore (Mom Internet).

I am a Christian, wife, experienced mom, business owner, author and freelance writer. Phew! Sound like a lot?

It is! I am a very busy mom but I have been blessed to learn to manage my time wisely, by the grace of God.

My Ultimate Desire for Mom Internet

My desire here at Mom Internet is to help you become successful with your life and endeavors. There are so many creative ways to manage your life and to make money both online and off.Ann Moore - Mom Internet

Many of which you can include your children, teaching them valuable character and responsibility.

See, I have taken my passion of sales and marketing and devised innovative and creative ways to make money right from the comfort of your own home. I want you to realize you can make a difference in the lives of others without sacrificing your family.

I enjoy pulling valuable resources together for your life and make them available right at your fingertips. I look for products, services and people that will add value to you as a mom and womanpreneur.

Time is something that is very precious to moms. On one hand there doesn’t seem to be enough time and on the other time flies quickly. This is especially true when it comes to your children.

I am relentlessly finding ways to help you manage your time. So that you can plan and make the most of your special moments with loved ones.

I desire to encourage you to live a successful and fulfilling life despite being an already busy mom.

Business and the Christian Faith

It is interesting that some of the most successful business practices can be found written in principle in the Holy Bible.

I have enjoyed my faith in the God of the Bible, not as a ritual but as a living breathing relationship that applies to daily living.

This relationship has brought me wisdom in understanding some of the most fundamental things about making money and managing it with intent and purpose.

Much of what I will impart to you comes from my profound desire to see others succeed. I believe true success is when I can impact your life. When I can make a difference in you.

Who I Am

Mom Internet marriedI am married to the love of my life, my husband of over 20 year now! He is a missionary and I help him in missionary work. I am a mom with a houseful of kiddos ranging from 19 years down to four years. For a total of eight God has blessed us with so far.

I am an author and freelance writer. I enjoy doing business and I have been involved with online sales since 2000. Predominately eBay and Aquabid. It is amazing what people will pay you on an auction!

So what does Mom Internet like doing aside from business, writing and having an over enjoyable life with her family?

Listening to music, my favorite artist is Abigail Miller and I also enjoy a variety of other Christian artist. I enjoy the violin and I finally decided to take online lessons to learn to play it myself.

Other hobbies include stargazing, checking out house designs and old timey cars.

Where in the World I Live

Our family had a blessed time of traveling in the U.S. visiting churches to raise our needed support for about five years. Talk about a memorable experience for our family.

We also had the opportunity to travel to Panama as a family and visit the neighboring country of Costa Rica.

WAiting for the bus in Costa Rica

We learned to travel effectively, have fun and be quite frugally. We even managed to build our saving account in the process.

Costa Rica country view

I had the pleasure to be born a Texan. I speak two languages very fluently, English and Spanish. I was raised in a Hispanic home and was taught to appreciate and value a variety of cultural foods as my grandmother had been quite the traveler herself.

I currently live in Nicaragua helping my husband in ministry and we still have all but one of our children with us. Like I said a mom of a houseful :) Which by the way I do homeschool as well.

I am so glad you drop by and I look forward to get to know you more.

To your success,
~Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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