Bubblews Traffic Craze

Bubblews traffic is unlike any other you will receive from other social sites. I wanted to talk about one of the sites I mentioned in my previous blog entry called, Get Paid to Post.

Lately, I came across Bubblews, where people post content that is original and can be on various topics. Some of the content is also personal in nature. Many of the users will tell you they enjoy it because they get paid to participate.

Sharing Advertising Revenue

Bubblews shares their advertising revenue with their subscribers. They receive a percentage based on the ads placed but typically it is about 1 cent per action taken on their content. This motivates people to produce more content. But not only do you want to produce more content you want make connections. These connections are the blood line of your earning income from Bubblews.


How You Earn Income

Everyaction taken on your content such as views, like, dislike, comments and shares is rewarded a certain amount that depends on what ads were placed. As mentioned above the amount is typically one cent for each action. You want to attract people to read your post with great content and headlines that will compel them to read. Each time you create a post it is featured in the home page of Bubblews giving people outside of your connections to view, like, dislike, comment and share.

A Community Effort

Bubblews traffic is not only about luring people to your post so you can make money but it also requires that you become involved with other users to help them in their money efforts. This calls for a community effort. Because there is a need to be involved with each other that attitudes are such that most people are extremely helpful, very willing and even apologetic when they were unable to read their connection’s post.

Sure you will find people that all they want is to lure you to their post selfishly and those are not the types of connections you want to be involved in. You also do not want to be this kind of connection. It will not be long be long your credibility will fail and it will show in the little involvement your connections will have with you.

Bubblews Traffic for Business

You will have to follow Bubblews strict guidelines for creating post (called Bubbles). They do not allow affiliate links or too many links for that matter outside of their site. Now that does not mean you cannot be creative so people can find out who you are http://www.bubblews.com/news/1389779-your-business-brand-on-the-internet Now that you have had an opportunity to be introduced to Bubblews from a first hand perspective then you can join by using my referral link http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=52532b3c643096.29709014

Then come back here and comment below letting us know you joined and what your profile link is so that we can visit you on Bubblews and read some of your post, like and comment when necessary. In addition you can let us know what you think.

So go ahead sign up for Bubblews then comment below with your profile link.

If you are already a Bubblews member go ahead and let us know in the comments below with your profile link as well as your experience.

As we say in Bubblews…Happy Bubbling :)

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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    This is a topic that’s close to my heart…
    Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

    • Ann Moore

      Josette you can contact me on my contact page but if you want us to visit you on Bubblews then include your profile link here.