Busy Mom Tips on Relationship Priorities

As a busy mom myself I have discovered that keeping my relationships thriving are a real encouragement in my life. I would like to sharePlacing priority in relationships, dad, mom and baby. some tips I have learned through the years on keeping your relationships a priority.

Keeping your priorities straight is essential. If you are married then your first responsibility is to your spouse. You may wonder, “But what about the kids?” In fact keeping a great relationship with your husband is actually going to benefit your relationship with your children.

Children love to see that dad and mom are getting along. And I truly believe it does not matter how old your children are this is an essential security to know you have a healthy relationship together. So be sure that you take time and do things together as a couple. Just you and him.

Next your children. Of course as a single parent your children take priority. How healthy is your relationship with them? How often do you spend with them or take the time to understand them? Are you so busy you have little to no time available to take care of them relationship wise?

One of the challenges I faced with working from home is that I found that my time was not disciplined. I found I spent many hours on the computer that really were unnecessary. My relationship with my own children began to be affected.

They noticed I was too busy to make them adequate meals. Sure they ate but not as healthy as we would like. At the time we would even grind our own wheat and make fresh baked bread but being I was too busy, as a mom I fell short and all our healthy eating was going by the way side.

I believe, sometimes we can get off in a tangent and fail in our relationships, be it a husband and/or children. In the long run losing sight of your priorities will certainly destroy your dreams. There is nothing more precious in life than family, friends and loved ones.

When your relationships closest to you enjoy a healthy atmosphere you are much better able to spend with family and friends. For example should one of your parents become ill and you need to care for them then the rest of your immediate family can certainly take up your slack back home, provided you have develop and excellent relationship with them.borderKeeping relationship priorities will certainly help you to be enriched. In addition, it gives you real meaning for what you do. If relationships are your priority then you will govern your life to meet those priorities.

When the focus is people not things, you will find that you are willing to sacrifice on making extra cash and learn how to earn smart cash. Spending less of your precious time on task but making more money. It will amaze you the wisdom that you begin to gain when you place your priorities in the right order.

Take the time today to evaluate your relationships and make any necessary changes to improve them. Then begin to evaluate what you do and see if you can do things smarter and earn more.

Till next time, Ann Marie for mominternet.com

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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