Colors Affects Your Readers

This morning I got to playing around with my blog colors. The following screen shot is the colors I had and the second is what I changed them to.




Blue Colors


The Difference Colors Make

You will find that colors will effect whether or not your readers want to stay and it may actually put them in a mood. For example red is identified with with energy. Tiffany Lambert uses red and I really like that she added some pattern to it. It gives a nice feel of energy and excitement and the gold letters are great touch. Tiff is straight forward, to the point and no-nonsense a refreshing individual in the IM world.

Blue gives a feeling of trust. I totally agree when I visit Carol Amato’s blog I do feel I can trust her. Then once you get to know her you will find she is trustworthy. You want to be attentive to what she has to say. You will also notice she is using orange here and there which encourages me to be an action taker. Even my son can’t wait to take action and is looking forward to Carol’s free Google traffic recommendation (he loves knowing the in and outs of traffic generation).

Playing with Colors

I am having fun playing around with the colors on my Mystique WordPress theme. It is a free easy to use template and if I could dive into the coding more then I could really play around with it…Oh, so much fun stuff to do and so little time to do it in.

Color Schemes

If you are not sure just what colors may go nice then play around with this color scheme. I love colors and this helps get some color scheme ideas.

What are your tips on colors for blog design?

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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  • Andy Bland

    Color is an important design of your blog, yes. I read this one blog which color is dark red. Gah. I couldn’t even stay for five minutes.

    • Ann Moore

      I don’t blame you Andy. All blue is also a killer on the eyes. I think colors are great but too much of one color is really distracting.