Get Paid to Post

Get paid to post content online for other sites is going to sound quite different than the post to Get Paid To Take Part In UK Clinical Trial and for some this may sound less risky, creating content.

Economic Struggles

The economy is forcing people to find ways to make money any way they can. Sometimes it may be nickels and dimes but as some declare, “At least it is something.” People are turning more to sites where they can get paid posting content online. Such sites are offering their users a steady way to make money.


Get Paid to Post

Creating Bubbles

One site where you can get paid posting content online is Bubblews. They share their advertising revenue with their users. It is not unheard of that a user will cash out $25 weekly. They do have some strict guidelines and the reason for them is to ensure that users stay on the site, so very few links are allowed outside of Bubblews. Affiliate links or links that look as if you are promoting a given site will be considered violations of their guidelines and you will more than likely not be paid.

Looping Your Way to Earnings

Another way to get paid posting content online is through Post Loop where you can sign up for various blogs and forums and get paid for your participation. You may find that these are forums that you were already interested in to begin with and now as a bonus you can be paid for simply doing what you are already doing. Although most sites are no follow it is still neat to be involved in communities that get to know you and allow you to place your website link. This gives you the potential to get traffic to your site from like minded people.

Thinking Creatively

Like I mentioned above you can get creative when it come to also using these sights to gain traffic to your current sites. Since you are dealing with predominately social sites then it would be good to lead them to a similar site such as your blog.

What other sites do you get paid to post?

Go ahead let us know in the comments below.

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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