Internet Scams Can Be Avoided

Internet scams can be avoided by taking some precaution. The first and most recommended to avoid such predators from ripping you off is by educating yourself especially when you are looking to hire someone to do a technical or online job for you that you require in order to enhance your business.Take control avoid internet scams

Learn what jobs your business will require. Do research on the competitive rates of a job you may consider outsourcing. The following are three tips to help you grow your business and avoid being ripped off.

Make Google Your Friend

That is why, I admit, Google is my favorite initial advisor. I am a thinker and I can ask Google questions from various angles. When Google began years ago, I literally spent hours googling. It was so fun…well still is :)

By using Google I gather the information I need or find excellent resources. This has saved me lots of money and even time in my case.

But that is not always practical for a lot of busy moms, especially those who are new to the online world and who were not trained in research skills.

That is another advantage I have, that I was trained to do research and love it since I was in Kindergarten. So you can see Google is so cool to me. Like having all the research power at my fingertips.

So make Google your friend when you have a research question. Think creatively and see if can’t approach your question from every angle possible to get better results.

Find Expert Friends

If time does not permit to do research to do the job yourself or hire someone then definitely word of mouth is my next best choice. And that is why I recommend that need to have mentors. People who can guide you should you need help along the way.

Honestly, there are a lot of voices we can hear from for advice but it is best to have expert advice or be a part of a mastermind where others are working toward similar goals that you can get tips from.

LOL, very few of my social friends and family would have a clue if I asked them, “Who do you recommend that can generate a sitemap for my site.

Be Friendly

I enjoy the Bible and the following is sound advice “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly:” Proverbs 18:24

So, if you desire to have friends, especially as you meet others in masterminds or blog sites, then I highly recommend that you be friendly. Always approach others with a friendly attitude. Offer value to them and you may be surprised at how extremely helpful they are.

In addition, when dealing with people you plan to hire also show yourself friendly to them. In today’s social media it pays to be friendly to people who you plan to hire. Otherwise word gets around and you may find that many great workers will avoid you like the plague.

Now by the same token be observant of the attitude of those you plan to hire. Look for warning signs of inconsistent price agreements, pushy or manipulative attitudes.

A person should be friendly and professional. They should also be willing to provide you with information that shows they are credible.

Keep in mind that as you look to hire someone your attitude need to be on the level. It is essential that you conduct your research and that you surround yourself with people who could give you expert advice.

Having a combination of each of these will certainly make it less likely that you will be a victim of internet scam.

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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