Is PLR – Private Label Rights Ethical? The Green Bean Example

Recently, I read in a blog post where a question was posed about the ethics of claimingPLR Green Beans Example yourself as the author to Private Label Rights (PLR) content when it was written by some one else. My comment ended up being longer than I expected so I decided to make it my blog post instead.

Question, is it ethical to for stores to sell a can of green beans that came from the same source but have different company labels?

A fun thing to do is to check out the labels of products and see who the distributor is…you may be surprised to find the same green beans but each has a different company name!

Even if you wrote the material yourself it still comes from a collection of sources.

PLR is an excellent time saver in an area I am already passionate in.  If you cannot communicate the material you are handing to others as your own then it is best not to.

I recently purchased some really great PLR and if there are things I do not know in the material or I am not an expert at, then before I make it available as an author, I want to do my own research to be sure I DO become the expert.

Thus, I am taking the already, “done for me” information and using it as my own, sort of speak, “The green beans” have my label on them.

My PLR purchase was worth way more than a can of green beans thanks to those willing to make their talent available so I can have TIME, something which this Mom really cherishes.

To your success,
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To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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