Preparing Your Teenager for Freelance Jobs

Teenager Jobs FreelanceIt is interesting how willing to learn young people are as they get to an age when money matters. Of course, it is essential as a parent if you teach your children money management skills at a young age to help them really value money.

In the following I will outline some possibilities on how you can do to train your teenagers for freelance jobs. This type of training may also be done with teens that are under 18 years old or in Junior High. I will  particularly make mention in my examples of freelance writing, which is the skill I have to impart but you can do the same for other area of freelancing you may have in mind.

Small Training Sections

Concentrate on taking little time with actual “what is it classes” and be sure they get more opportunities to apply themselves. If you are unable to provide the necessary training to prepare them to obtain freelance jobs then be sure to locate reputable training from sources you trust.

Again make sure that the training you choose from outside sources will challenge you teenager to apply what they are learning. Knowledge without application will only get filed away.

Application Helps Retention

Once you decide on what to teach or what material you will use be sure that your teenager has a way applying themselves. Encourage them to complete an assignment and for this example we will encourage our teen to start their own blog to practice applying their writing skills.

Have them open a blog based on a specific area of interest. Teach them the importance of being consistent with their writing and make sure they are applying what they have learned.

Reward Teenager for Freelance Jobs Done

What is even better than just having them start their own blog have them work for you on a blog you desire to promote and reward them for their efforts. The best way to reward your teenager is by paying them for their work. In a sense you are unofficially contracting them to do your work.

When you are ready you may even consider subcontracting for jobs you are hired to do and give your teen the job or portions of the job. For example you can pay your teen for researching and coming up with an article outline that you can use and simply add the remaining content.

By offering your teenager adequate training, expecting them to apply their training and offering rewards they will be well underway to an excellent freelance career.

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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