What’s an Article Spinner and Should You Be Using One?

Having the exact same article content show up in various places on the Internet over and over can dilute your chances of having your domain show up in a top spot in the Google SERPs.

Loads of Content Needed
So what can you do when you need a lot of content, but writing from scratch is too daunting? Article spinning is a form of multiplication for marketers. It means that you can take a handful of articles and turn them into hundreds of articles.

Article Spinning Defined
What article spinning does is save time and money for the marketer who needs content – and needs it fast. Coming up with 100 original articles about the same product or business is a lot harder than taking five articles and turning them into a hundred by spinning.

Article spinning is saying the exact same thing but using different words to mean the original thought. There are three main ways you can spin articles. One way is by hand, but unless you happen to have forty-eight hours in your day instead of twenty-four, you’re going to be stuck at the keyboard for days on end – especially if you have to have massive amounts of content.

Ghost Writer vs Article Spinner Software
The second way is to hire someone to rewrite an original article hundreds of different ways, but even the best writer will eventually end up not knowing how else to turn the material into something new.

The third way to get the content that you need is to use an article spinning tool. An article spinner is software or an application that switches certain words in the articles with other words that have the same meaning. The spinner also moves around portions of the article so that it’s not in the original place.

How An Article Spinner Makes Things Look
For example, paragraph three might end up becoming paragraph five or vice versus. It all depends on the tool you purchase. Basically, what an article spinner does is take the original article and continue to make it fresh and new again and again. This method ends up saving you both time and money – especially if you have to have a great deal of content and don’t have the time to wait for it to be produced by hand.

The spinner will pick out words and change them out with words from a thesaurus. You can also do the same for entire sentences or phrases. By using an article spinner, you’ll get the unique content you want but without the hassle.

Choose a spinner that’s been on the market awhile and is known to deliver what it promises to. Some opponents of article spinners say that the content spun and released as articles can come out looking like a bunch of jumbled phrases that don’t make any sense.

People who don’t really care if their content makes sense or not may end up with what I call dorky content. Make sure you read through the article to ensure it’s viable to represent your website on the ‘net’ and have that personal flare.

Have you spun articles, were you pleased with your results? What is your favorite article spinning software? Comment below…

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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