Automation for Busy Moms On Vacation

While you are on vacation you may still want to keep in touch with your client base and subscribers. There is a way to do so without having to worry about being on the computer when you are suppose to be spending time with loved ones.

With that said you want to communicate with both your clients and subscriber that you will be onnicaragua vacation. There is nothing like a client being upset that they cannot contact you. In addition if you have a business that requires constant attention such as offering services where the client may need to contact you in the case of an emergency then you will want to hire out, outsource someone who will be able to take care of your customers while you are away.

This way you are not overrun with all kinds of complaints when you get back from vacation only to face great amounts of stress. Just think about your customer’s needs and count that in the price of your being able to go on vacation.

Something that works nicely if you use it wisely, especially when keeping in touch with your subscribers is to use auto posting tools. You can even use them when you are not on vacation. Tools such as using the scheduler on your wordpress or other blog platform. By creating your content in advance and making it available to your subscribers while you are on vacation can be an excellent way to keep in touch.

In fact that is what I did with this post. I prepared it this past Tuesday before heading into the jungle for a day of horseback riding with our children. We will be spending time with with friends at their “finca” with little to no cellular connection, making this an all out get away for the nine of us (we were 10 but my son is now back in the states).

Another nice thing about scheduling your post is that when you are in a writing and creating mood it is amazing how much content you can crank out. Don’t hold yourself back, reschedule and get cracking. I did the same for my ministry site called Scripture Look. There were a few days I just could not slow down on content ideas so I took advantage of the creativity and now I have post atleast two post a week scheduled out till the 22nd.

With creating blog post you should be using an automation tool that will automatically post them to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media without you having to do so manually. This allows your reader base who spends more time in social media to still stay in touch with you.

As a busy mom you can hire help while you are on vacation, create content ahead of time, create lots of content when you are in the creation mood and schedule it. These automation tips can prove to help you out whether or not you are on vacation. Just one word of advice use these tools wisely and do not loose touch with the people you are looking at making a difference right from the comfort of your own home :)

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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