Torn Between Passions

It has been a while since I have written. Not that I did not have time to write but my heart is torn between two passions. Making money online by growing Mom Internet or going all out in ministry online with Scripture Look.

Passion love for two blogsMinistry

I love to write and lately I have found myself more involved in writing for Scripture Look. It is where I feel I can really make a difference, especially in the areas of faith and practice as well as being an encouragment to others.

I am meeting some really interesting people already. One of my subscriber in particular is such a blessing and an encouragment to me. She has communicated that the post I have written have been a blessing to her and for me that matters a lot. My greatest desire is to make a difference in the lives of others. To me that is much more important than financial gain.

Ministry Passion Expanded

Not only that but my writing involves writing other people personally to encourage them. I have written to others personally over 10,000 words this week alone. I am also very highly involved in creating content related to Scripture Look, I love how it is being used to impact lives.

I am able to flow my blog content. In fact my goal is to write at least one blog post a week. I could write more but I reserve the remainder of my writing time for writing other personaly, creating studies and writing on upcoming books.



I am working on books and videos with ease that lean more towards Scripture Look as they have more to do with overcoming and growing faith and personal improvement.

My Current Culture

My life grows increasingly busier in such a way that I am in another culture compared to most busy mom. I have to admit it our lives are a lot more minimized, a friend of mine share this blog on social media. I thought it so much fun but to be honest all I could relate to was spinning the orange concentrate.

My cultural life is so different now than that. We have far less business and more involvement in people’s lives. In my culture you do your best to stop and greet your friend. It would be rude to walk on because I am busy. And being time concious when you are with friends would also be looked as rude.

It is best just to get up and get going than to look at your watch every few minuts. The least you must say if you are in a hurry is, “Adios,” letting your friend know you will see them next turn around. I have learned how to get to heart of the matter by dealing with people rather than being so task oriented.

Right now it is so difficult to wrap my mind with tips for busy moms when my heart is into let’s reach the heart issues and make a real lifestyle change. That is why I have spent more time on Scripture Look.

Between Two

But I would never have realized where I am in my life now had I not began Mom Internet. Mom Internet has a special place. I have been meeting some really neat people such as my mentor Carol Amato.

But somehow I know deep inside Mom Internet is not being all that I can offer. Like I said I am torn between to passions with one passion weighing heavier than the other. And that is ministry.

I enjoy being a help to busy moms but I have yet to reach others like I am already doing so with Scripture Look. Not only that I do not have the practical tips most are looking for because my culture has become so different. I do enjoy writing about business that is one passion that I can contineu to expressed on Scripture Look.

On the one hand I love Mom Internet and I am thankful for the encouragment I received where I got out of my comfort zone but my heartbeat is in ministry and all that is inolved with it. Mom Internet has been a blessed journey and a really unforgettable chapter in my life.


Any Advice

Not sure if any of you have experienced what I am going through. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to comment below.


To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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