Including Your Children in Business Endeavors

Including your children in your business endeavors is something that you may really come to enjoy.  It sure was for me. My children had loads of fun, we learned and it was an overall great time to spend together. The hardest thing about including your children in your business is the fact that it will take you a little more time to do a given task.  But the value that your children will gain and the memories you will have, well, that is simply priceless.

Peek Their Interest

You do not need to make this complicated; even with small children you can include them in your business endeavors. Akids_in_business great way to do this is by informing “teaching” them what you do. Make a fun show and tell time. You may be surprised at how interested you children will be. Your child may even enjoy and respect your work time more, knowing what you do.

In addition inform them about the benefits they receive when you work from home. Allow them to see how each accomplishment allows you to reach your desired goal of benefiting your family. Kids love interaction and the more they feel they are interacting with you the better. Be creative serve them a special snack or meal. Take them on an outing then use that as a visual aid to explain that it was all possible because of the extra income you earned from home.

Have Children Contribute

Never underestimate children. They can really surprise you with the great ideas they can come up with by being participants of your work from home endeavor. Give your children an opportunity to meet with you for a question and answer session. Of course it helps to peek their interest first and giving them an idea of what you are doing before getting into this but once they understand they certainly can provide really neat tips.

Do not let any idea slip by, make them feel really special and acknowledge their effort by either assigning them the task to accomplish, which will improve your business or apply it yourself and reward them for it later. It all depends on what age level of children you have. If you have a variety like our houseful then creativity and even employing the older children to encourage the younger children is a great help (but I will reserve that for another tip down the road).

Child Friendly Task

This is where you really involve your children with a task that is age appropriate. For example when I decided to do worm farming I gave my children the opportunity to help fulfill our earth worm orders by counting out the worms we were to chip to clients. I ensured my clients that they would receive the exact amount (some times more because I always added 10% to cover possible losses).

When I did this I went all out creating accountability charts where even my youngest counter could take part. For every 10 earthworms they counted they would place one tick mark in the box. They were paid on the minimum of every 10 earthworms they counted. The more orders they fulfilled the more they got paid. They loved it and wanted to get to work right away but I only allowed them to, AFTER they finished their school. It was a great motivator :)

Well, this is simply an idea but I have been pleased to include my children in my eBay endeavors teaching them and allowing them to do age appropriate task. The result and to my joy my two oldest are now doing their own endeavors.

My daughter published her first comic book on Amazon just last week and my son has been an eBay seller first working for me and is now on his own account VentaSelect. Not to mention Jonathan has also become quite the travel writer and helping give business, name suggestions that have already earned him a few hundred dollars and he recently started that.

In the long run the little time you take now to involve your children or even your grandchildren will be such a blessing to you and huge benefit for them. You can add value to their character, spend time with them and see them grow in their own endeavors.


To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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Follower of Jesus Christ, wife and Mom of a houseful of kiddos. Ann is co-author of "How To Sell On eBay - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Selling On eBay" In addition to her home management and administration skills, Ann is an entrepreneur at heart who loves to write. Her passionate writing topics include: Christian faith and living, Internet Marketing, Home Business Tips and Ideas, Time Management, Self-improvement and Travel.
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