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Make money writing your favorite topics and have some real goals set for yourself. I am currently reading Stephen G Davies book called, “Writing For Money The Online Writers Path,” and for a newbie freelancer I find it extremely helpful.

Milestones to Reach Your Desired Goals

Stephen takes extra time in his book to explain how to set milestones. I really like this because one can get overwhelmed thinking you can leave your day job and you will be living the freelance life making a full time income.Make Money Writing

It takes time to get to your intended goal. It is best to approach freelance writing by setting basic miles stone. For example I started freelancing because I had some personal financial goals and I wanted to make a little extra each month to meet those goals. As I started meeting my first mile stone I could now look into other goals.

So far I started with a milestone of $75 month, which is fine for what I desired. Now that that has been reached consistently and at times $10 to $20 over each month I decided it was time to go for my next milestone of $300 a month. This may take me a little longer to achieve and I may have to look into what kind of writing jobs I am willing to do.

I do not like taking jobs that pay less than $5 per article. I have made an acceptation where a company pays me for answering questions and I do this because at this point it provides the most consistent income.

Again my goals at this point is not a full time income freelancing but as Stephen G Davies explains it in his book it is possible, one milestone at a time.

Hidden Jewels

Talk about saving me loads of time in searching for all these sites that Stephen mentions in his book. Some sites you may be familiar with but as a newbie there were so many I had not idea were out there.

Stephen also does a great job of teaching you how be actively looking for work till you find the jobs you are looking for. He makes great suggestions in setting up a schedule and encourages you to be determined.

With an active desire to succeed it will only be a matter of time before you find the perfect jobs you are looking for. Some jobs will pay more than you even thought of others will help increase your reputation. I found one that would do just that and I look forward into contacting them about writing travel blog articles.

Learning How to Google for Freelance Success

I like to find information on Google but the key to using it without being swamped with overloads of information that not relevant is to know just what to search for.  Stephen does an excellent job of telling you just what words to use on Google searches.

I have been able to weed through the info-mess and go right to what I, as a freelance writer, am looking for. Talk about saving me a lot of time trying to figure all this out on my own.

If you are a freelance writer who is interested is setting realistic milestones, finding jobs that would otherwise be hidden by knowing just what to search for then save yourself tons of time and the headache of trying to figure things out then take action.

Give your freelancing a boost with “Writing For Money The Online Writers Path” by Stephen G Davies.

To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

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