What is Success for You this Week?

No More Excuses
It may be true that you do not have enough resources for your desired dreams, at least not yet, consider what is success for you this week?

Do not let the lack of resources be your excuse for not being a success this week. Make it a priority to do your best with what you have. Your willingness to do so is already heading you in the direction of success.

Do you need to build a list? Then start learning how to accomplish just that. Do you need to create your first product? Then just do it. Do you need more money? Then apply the above.

It may sound so simple but it can be a huge mountain to overcome and conquer; yourself. Regardless, it is time stop making excuses.

Make an Inventory
Stop focusing on what you do not have and focus on what you do have.

Write an inventory of your talents, abilities, and time you have that can be used this week toward your success.

Write out an inventory of your material possessions. Consider what possessions you are willing to part from in order to use the monies to finance your success. You may be surprised at the hindrance material possessions have on your success.

Consider parting with one “thing” you can do without that would finance your success this week.

Stop Looking for the Easy Button
Once you have made an inventory of yourself and your belongings stop looking elsewhere for the “easy button” for your success.

What is Success? Rather who is a success…YOU. Consider the potential of success that is lying dormant within you that simply needs your attention to awaken it.

Rather than looking for success outside of yourself tap into your own resources, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” ~Theodore Roosevelt


To your Success, Ann Moore (Mom Internet)

About Ann Moore

Follower of Jesus Christ, wife and Mom of a houseful of kiddos. Ann is co-author of "How To Sell On eBay - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Selling On eBay" In addition to her home management and administration skills, Ann is an entrepreneur at heart who loves to write. Her passionate writing topics include: Christian faith and living, Internet Marketing, Home Business Tips and Ideas, Time Management, Self-improvement and Travel.
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